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The Owl and the Pussycat Children's Nursery  

What's going on?

Want to know what we get upto in the nursery on a regular day? 


Below you will find some of the great experiences our children and families experience with us here at The Owl and the Pussycat Children's Nursery! 


A visit to the local park (August 24th 2017)


The children enjoyed a local walk around the community pointing out how many cars, dogs, trees, etc, they could see and recorded it onto their sheets. They enjoyed spending time at the park with their friends playing hide n seek.

We love ice (July 18th 2017)


Preschool got a bowl from the kitchen and placed pebbles, stones, leaves, sticks and under water animals in the water. We put it in the freezer to make a frozen aquarium. We loved exploring and playing with the cold ice and watching it melt.

Autumn is looming (19th September 2016)


Preschool have been creating an autumn display as the weather begins to change and the leaves start to fall. Along side this, they have been collecting some naturals materials to add to their dispplay; and gathering more to create some fabulous autumn pictures.We have filled our collage wheel with some natural materials to use when doing our artwork! 

A trip to the local library (23rd August 2016)


The children took a walk up to the local library today to pick out some story books to put into our story corners. The children really enjoyed seeing all of the traffic going by and having the opportunity to be out in their local community. A popular choice with all of the children was "A rhyming Rabbit" by Julia Donaldson! They loved all of the rhyming words and all of the rhymes the rabbit wrote for some friends. 

Graduation (6th August 2016)


It's that time of year when we have to say goodbye. We had great weather at the weekend for our annual graduation trip. This year we went to Almond Valley Heritage centre where we had a fun filled day. We saw animals, bounced on the bouncy castle and trampolines; took a tractor ride around the farm and went digging for fossils in the sand pits. Not sure who had more fun, the parents or the children!

Felling Hot, hot, hot! (20th July 2016)


The children enjoyed the fantastic weather outside in the garden this week. The older children enjoyed havnga  water fight whilst the youndger children enjoyed some paddling pool fun!


Strawberry Picking (15th July 2016)


Last year we planted some strawberry plants in our garden. They have grown well this summer and this week the children have enjoyed having the opportunity to pick and cut their own strawberries. We added them to our fruit salad for snack.

"They are big and juicy!" - M.J


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