Use These Three Ways To Wash Uniform Skirts And Pants

In washing school uniforms, there are indeed various things that must be considered, and you also have to wash them carefully so as not to damage the uniform texture and color. Choosing school uniforms for children is not an easy thing because there are many things that must be adapted to the child. Below are some tips for washing school as well, especially for pants and skirts. Some of the tips in question are

1. Before putting uniform pants and skirts into a washing machine, separate them from clothing made of jeans or other clothing to avoid school pants or skirts being worn by other clothing.

2. Then don’t forget to flip the pants and skirt, so that the inside is outside to prevent color fading because the parts that are washed and rinsed are the inside of school pants and skirts.

3. Use the right detergent to wash your child’s school pants and skirts, avoid using clothes bleach when washing pants and skirts because they will certainly make the color fade.

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