This Is Evidence Of Listening To Music When Running Is A Fun Thing

Listening to music will indeed make someone enjoy the atmosphere and make all the activities they do become more powerful. The music that is heard will bring their own enthusiasm. One of the activities most often done while listening to music is running. Running certainly will be more excited if there is music that you listen to. For that, you will need the 10 best portable so that the quality of the music you listen to is good.

Listening to music while running does prove to be fun and it’s no wonder that there are many people who do it. Many say running while listening to music makes running easier and more enjoyable so that our running gets better. In fact, many studies have shown consistent results, namely that music provides a stimulus, reduces the perception of effort – what is known from brain scans, improves performance – there are those who say up to 15% increase – and generally make runners feel more positive.

But these advantages are not without the negative side. Experts say that the volume of music that is set too hard can damage hearing. If you belong to this camp, make sure the volume makes you still able to hear sounds from outside or just plug in one earphone.

Besides volume, there are other things that need to be observed, namely tempo, type of music (genre), and lyrics. Upbeat tempos and motivational lyrics can trigger positive emotions. In addition, there are people who are reluctant to run because they don’t enjoy it. Therefore, if music can make them start running or running longer, why not? While listening to music makes you more excited when running and you feel fresher and fitter when you do it, then you can use music as a spirit burner. however, make sure you are always careful and still pay attention to the environment around you.

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