Things You Must Know Before Working At Startup

Working at a startup is not always full of complete and pleasant facilities, flexible working hours to the freedom to wear work clothes. It takes a thick mentality and the ability to adapt and work well in the team. You can visit the website from Jeremy Page founder to find out more.

Even though it looks ‘promising’, in fact working at startup doesn’t always generate big income, abundant bonuses and more. Many risks must be faced if you decide to work at a startup, such as a business that cannot work, efficiency and reduce employees, and other reasons. The following article will help you prepare at least get a little picture, like working at a startup.

Must be able to accept changes
Don’t be surprised when the startup where you work often changes office buildings. This happens a lot at startups that are just starting to build their businesses, namely moving office buildings. This change can certainly be a frustrating thing, especially for those of you who are accustomed to working in conventional companies that have certain routines and work dynamics.

Can work multitask
If you decide to work at a startup, be prepared to do a random job, which means don’t be surprised or surprised when your job as a programmer is to help become a photographer or technician during an internal event or launch the latest startup product. Working at a startup means you have to be prepared with a variety of different tasks or responsibilities given at any time. Never reject the ‘random’ assignment given. Do it all for the progress of the startup.

Take advantage of the experiences and insights of senior workers
At present most startups are dominated by young workers who have just graduated from university or better known as the millennial generation. This certainly makes the working atmosphere laden with young people who are fairly new have little experience and lack insight.

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