Simple Tips For An Effective Anti-Acne Facial Care

Besides being caused by hormones, dust and dirt on the face can also be the cause of your face with pimples. Therefore, it is very important for you to always pay attention to the cleanliness of facial skin. Furthermore, if you have to use full makeup or have to move outdoors. Be sure to clean your face before going to bed with micellar water and facial wash! Apart from that, go to ไฮฟู if you’re looking for the best beauty experts.

Also, clean your makeup equipment

Hayo, who among you is lazy to wash makeup equipment? From now on, less-less because the dirt that sticks to makeup devices can be dangerous for your skin, you know! Clean brushes, sponges, or other makeup tools on a regular basis so as not to cause problems on your skin.

Choose skincare that suits your skin type

The number of types of skincare that are now available sometimes makes you curious and want to try it. But you have to be careful, ladies, because not necessarily the skincare suits you. Before trying this product, it’s a good idea to first identify what skin type you have.

Oh yeah, before trying on facial skin, you can do a skincare test in the area of the skin behind the ear first. If there are no negative reactions you can just try on the area of your face.

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