Recognize Symptoms of Motor Ability Loss due to Spinal Nerve Disorders

Back pain or worse can be called a spinal cord disorder that will cause various other diseases. Spinal nerve disorders can occur because of collisions due to an accident or the fall of someone from a place that is quite high. If this happens, surely someone needs proper handling. One treatment that can be done is chiropractic treatment. Southside Jacksonville Chiropractor is one of the chiropractic therapies you can count on DOT physical.

Spinal nerve disorders can even cause the presence of several other diseases, such as paralysis or a disturbance in a person’s motor system. In fact, the symptoms of loss of sensory ability and motion control that occur due to spinal cord injury are also divided into 2 categories. Anything?

1. Tetraplegia or Quadriplegia
In this stage, paralysis occurs in both arms and both legs. In addition to causing paralysis of the body, injury to the spinal cord can also cause sufferers to experience difficulty breathing. In fact, it requires breathing apparatus. This happens because paralysis can also affect the muscles in the chest.

2. Paraplegia
Entering this stage, paralysis can also occur in the lower half of the body. Usually, paralysis at this stage will occur in both stalks. In addition to these symptoms, actually, everyone shows symptoms that are different when experiencing a spinal cord injury. Symptoms that appear usually depend on the location of the injury and the severity of the condition that occurs in the body.

For this reason, disorders that occur in the spinal cord cannot be left alone because it will cause various other diseases. This certainly requires you to get the right treatment. You can go to the doctor to get the right medical treatment or you can choose chiropractic that is handled by the right and professional chiropractor. You will certainly get good results if you do it in the right person.

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