History of Water Heaters

If talking about the history of the beginning, the water heater was first introduced by a British painter, Benjamin Waddy Maughan. He in 1868 found a kind of cosmetic water heater that was very simple without the need to cook on the stove. He used to name this water heater with the name Geyser. If you need to refill your propane gas for a heater, you can visit propane companies near me.

The shape of this water heater is the position of cold water placed at the top of the container in the form of a tube which is also filled with a network of thin wires as heat conveyors, where the bottom is placed a gas-fired heater. The hot water then flows directly into the bathtub without any intermediaries. Even now it turns out in the UK that the water heater is still called a Geyser.

There is luck for Edwin Rudd, a Norwegian engineer who moved to America. He accidentally found the blueprint from Maughan’s simple water heater. Because he found something important, finally what was written and drawn by Maughan became an inspiration for Edwin Ruud. Finally, he developed this invention to become automatic water the heater machine. He succeeded in making the first automatic water heater in 1889.

The development of water heaters is increasingly felt by the community to be used as the main engine that must be owned in every home. Especially when it’s winter, this water heater is special. But this development continues to experience various obstacles, one of which is the use of excessive fuel. Of course, experts make innovations by giving birth to features that make it easier for the community and its customers.

Finally, water heaters become very diverse, some use energy sources from electricity, gas to sunlight. And this solar water heater is becoming the main choice. If you look at the history of the solar water heater (solar energy water heater) began to grow and develop in the late 1800s in California, United States. There came the name Clarence M Kemp who patented the world’s first commercial solar water heater in 1891.,

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