Get to know the ground with a hard texture

Starting from plant residues such as leaves, twigs, decaying roots decompose thanks to the help of microorganisms into organic material that will be absorbed by plants for the growth process. From there new branches and leaves grow, as time goes by, aging experiences falling back to the surface of the ground and so on, forming a cycle. The presence of a number of small living creatures occupying the land as a sign that there are various organic materials in the soil which are also needed by microorganisms to support their lives, coupled with the use of the hydromulching method. So microfauna and microflora act as indicators of soil fertility. The small amount of topsoil can indicate erosion of soil by water or erosion, so that if this condition continues it is possible that the layer of soil flowers that are rich in organic matter will be eroded and only separate the infertile and poor nutrient soil In addition to erosion or erosion by water, a thin layer of topsoil can also occur due to the small amount of vegetation that grows on the land. Previously it had been explained that topsoil was formed from weathering the organic material such as leaves, twigs, decaying roots.

One sign or characteristic of land is said to be fertile with respect to the vegetation that grows on it. The more and various types of plants that grow, the better the quality of the soil. It is like if there is a lot of sugar, there will be more ants, that’s a parable to facilitate understanding of the relationship between soil fertility and vegetation. This discussion is actually still a continuation of the erosion of the topsoil layer by water, which in turn only separates the atmosphere layer from the middle soil which is hard. The soil profile consists of several horizons. Horizon O is the place where the topsoil is placed when the O horizon is washed away by water, what remains is a horizon that is less fertile and hard. By understanding all the signs and characteristics of fertile and infertile land, one can determine what type of action to take. Knowing the condition of the soil will provide a more complete picture of the overall state of the land.

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