Do These Things When You Repaint The Wall Of Your House

Repainting is a daunting task even though you ever try to deal with the paint job before. There are so many things to prepare and do to get a good paint result. As said more and more, choosing theĀ painting service singapore is advantageous because you will get the paint job done professionally and well. If you then make the decision to repaint the house without calling the professional painter, what did you prepare before the time of that repaint job?

If you want to repaint the old walls of the house, there are things that need attention. One of them is there is still old paint left on the wall. Yes, if it is directly painted, it is not impossible that the new paint will not look excellent. In fact, not infrequently also found cases where the color of the paint looks uneven. Then, how do you repaint the old wall? Here it is!

1. Check the condition of the wall. Check the old paint layer, is it still firmly attached or not. To find out, brush the water on the surface, wait a while. If there are bubbles on the wall surface, the surface of the wall must be peeled off.

2. Clean the surface of the wall. Eliminate all parts of the paint that is peeled off, dust, and other impurities by sanding it first.

3. Cover the wall with a wall sealer to neutralize the PH of cement to fit the PH of the paint. Wait to dry. With a wall sealer, paint is not easy to peel and the color of the paint will not change from the original color. Also, use an alkaline-containing sealer if your walls tend to be damp.

4. Stir the paint you want to apply until smooth.

5. Dilute according to the instructions on the package.

6. Apply the wall paint that you have prepared.

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