Ceramic Floor vs. Vinyl Flooring, Which Is Better?

Choosing the material for private housing must be careful. How come? Home is a form of investment, as well as a place where we gather with family. Surely we will try to choose the best material that is comfortable and can support our daily activities. Right in choosing material makes you more economical, you know. Because you do not need to spend more money to replace one of the materials that were not suitable to be applied in your home. One material that often confuses homeowners in making decisions is choosing the type of floor. You have the view that ceramics are better than any material, while your husband and wife think that luxury vinyl plank is better. Then, which one would you choose, ceramic, vinyl, or even combine the two?


The use of vinyl for residential homes has actually started to be done a lot. Vinyl was chosen as an alternative material to replace wood/parquet floors. The appearance is natural and no less beautiful than the wooden floor, even the installation of vinyl floors is much neater and almost looks without a connection. For those of you who don’t like to bother, installing vinyl floors is very practical. Vinyl can be stacked on old floors, whether made from vinyl or made from ceramic. So, without the need to dismantle the old floor, you are free to change the floor motif at your heart’s content. However, even though vinyl is said to be resistant to weather, it is recommended that the use of vinyl floors be safer to use for indoor areas.

Vinyl floors are also warm and comfortable on the feet. Unlike ceramics that feel hard to step on and feel cold, especially when the rainy season arrives. For treatment, it is also quite easy, because it is almost the same as tiled floor maintenance. You can mop the vinyl floor as you mop the tile floor. You only have to be careful of scratches so that the vinyl floor remains durable and looks well maintained.

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