Can We Trust Data Security on Antivirus?

If the last few years our question is “Can we entrust our data to a free antivirus?” Now the question is different, being “Can we trust antiviruses?” In recent weeks news has emerged about data leakage originating from paid antivirus installed. Aside from that, you may try the two factor authentication to improve your own personal IT security

Antivirus Pro:

Antivirus (and its technology) helps users to reduce known vulnerabilities (“known” vulnerabilities). So there’s really no reason not to use an antivirus. Indeed, there is no way that antivirus can NULLIFY danger of 0day attacks, but having protection is always better than not having it.


Antivirus (and its technology) checks every file and data that we have, are we sure antivirus doesn’t spy on us or steal our data?

Sample case:

Russia reportedly stole the NSA’s secrets with the help of Kaspersky, the Wall Street Journal published an article saying hackers from the Russian higher-ups stole sensitive data from home a PC of a National Security Agency contractor after identifying files through the use of antivirus software from Kaspersky Lab based in Moscow.

There are three working theories, based on several researchers and security experts. The following are possible results:

Theory 1:

Hackers take advantage of Kaspersky’s shortcomings to steal data

The journal did not explicitly say that Kaspersky, as a company, helped data theft, but concluded that Kaspersky products might have been exploited to hack the computers it was running.

Theory 2:

Kaspersky detects malware, Russian spies interfere

Conclusions and Suggestions from us:

If your understanding and knowledge of viruses and other malware are very low, you MUST install antivirus, there are many things that can cause your PC / laptop to be infected with viruses, for example, such as fake applications, drive-by download, phishing, etc.

If you know enough about the initial source of the virus/malware then installing antivirus is OPTIONAL for you, but you MUST follow the development of existing technology and don’t forget to DISABLE folder sharing, because it is the main source of malware spread.

If you are confused about choosing an antivirus, look for one that already has a big name, because they will often do patching and database updates from their antivirus.

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