Avoid teen movies for children and don’t mention spoilers at the cinema

Don’t force yourself to watch teen movies, especially adults, with kids! Have mercy on the little one and also the other audience! Read carefully the movie rating listed on the poster or at the sales counter. If it is clear for 13 years and above, Teenagers or Adults, why is it still insistent on inviting younger siblings or children under this age limit? It is very bad if your child is exposed to material that does not suit his age. Aside from that, perhaps you must visit RoxyPricesMovies to know the list of ticket prices for nearby cinemas.

Not to mention if the child is bored and doesn’t understand the story, then makes a fuss about himself, speaking out loud, asking “Why are they kissing, mom?” This will disturb other viewers!

Besides that, even though you know the dialogue and the lyrics, the viewers don’t pay cinema tickets to listen to your voice!

Talking about spoilers when the film is going on is very rude! I don’t know what motivates these people in theaters. Want to show that they have watched? Then is it cool? There are other people who are uncomfortable, disturbed and unable to enjoy. Worse yet if reprimanded even emotions.

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